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Apr. 12th, 2020 10:23 am
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Epic Popcorn Only


Nice to meet you. I am Pengu.

✖ Pengu / Sandy, 26, Female, French Canadian.
✖ Speaks French in everyday life, English as second language, unintelligible Japanese when alone.
✖ Already considered an 'old' obsessed Arashi fan, been there since 2008.
✖ Also enjoys Kanjani8, Supernatural and Harry Potter in her free time.
✖ Heavy sleeper, shower-singer, shrimps hater, wannabe photographer, Rainbow lover.
Casual graphic-maker, desperate joker, unoriginal writer.

★ I suck at commenting, but I read everything I can.
★ I don't post often, but when I do, it is usually about rl or the flawless mystery that is Arashi.
★ There's an unhealthy collection of tags on this journal.
★ I was almost inactive for a long time, but I needed intellectual stimulation. And friends. Mostly friends.

If interested, please leave a comment bellow, or on the Stalker Post!


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My face by [livejournal.com profile] bloodytheory

In my long career as a fangirl *snorts*, I've heard often, well read in our case, something like "I've been stalking you for a while 8DD". While I probably should be scared and run away, I'm actually quite pleased in a completely narcissist fashion.

This is why I created this post. This is only a test, I don't think it'll work, but hey, it's all worth the try. 8D

*Kitto Daijoubu in background*

✖ This is where you can comment before leaving a comment on the Friends Only post, so we can talk a little and you can see that I'm actually only an idiot. :3
✖ If you have any shout-outs, it's here too.
✖ Wanna fangirl? It's here. *nods* Please keysmash on this entry, too. *nods nods*
✖ Shower me with half-naked pictures. *opens arms*
✖ Sho's latest half-naked photoshoot was hot? Aiba-chan has done something stupid, again? The newest PV is orgasmic? Maruyama is naturally awesome? I wanna know everything. Tell me. D:
✖ Friends, you want to say something but don't know where, it's here. 8D
✖ You think the latest picspam missed something? The graphics are too plain? Suggestions? 8D
✖ You have graphic requests? Fanfic requests? Picspam requests? Questions? 8D

So, yes. XD This is like a shout box, completely and unashamedly inspired by [livejournal.com profile] yay_box ♥, and I don't think it'll work, but please leave a little comment if you pass by. 8DD I love talking. I love everyone. I love Aiba, too. ♥

From [livejournal.com profile] spazzcrack
All right, so I made what we used to call a 'friend-cut', but is nowadays called 'you haven't updated your journal in two years so, yeah...' xD

I basically unfriended people who haven't updated their journals in over a year, or we didn't talk that much anyway. If you don't update your journal, but still comment anyway, feel free to leave a comment here to say I should add you back. ♥

There are some people who haven't updated in years but I just can't bring myself to unfriend them. Don't judge me. ;_;

All right. That's all. :3 Have a nice day!


Mar. 16th, 2012 09:50 pm
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In all these years of keeping this LJ, it has only recently (like, this morning) occured to me that I haven't done any real intro post. So here. Learn about me.


My everyday name is Sandra, but people usually call me San, Sandy, Sandude or Sandwich. I have imaginative friends, and I love them a lot. My fandom and online friends tend to call me Pengu, which I also adore. I'm a 21 year-old convenience store assistant-manager, and yes, I plan to go back to school eventually. I live in Montreal, Canada, and I am not that interested in hockey. I wanna travel, but I gotta go get a passport, and that thing costs money, so yeah. One thing at a time.

A few things bulleted for the pleasure of fast reading:

P E R S O N A L __ L I F E
* I'm a short girl, 5"3 (160 cm). But I think of myself as 'fun-sized' instead of short.
* If it wasn't obvious enough, my favorite animal is the penguin. Because they're classy and awkward at the same time, and I recognize myself there.
* The second favorite would be the platypus, because what the hell is that?
* My favorite color is green, because it's pretty. Yes.
* I can sleep for 15 hours straight. Except when I can't.
* I own a kitten that is not a kitten anymore. And there's a budgie called Tommy, but it's living with my mom.
* I speak three languages: French, English and the Moose Call when drunk. I'm Canadian after all.
* Arashi has mellowed my music tastes, but I'm actually a fan of rock and punk, and when I'm feeling wild, punk-rock.
* I'm bisexual, which means I enjoy everything equally.
* My favorite movie of all time is The Lion King, and that's exactly how epic I am.
* I'm a very bad liar, but a very good entertainer, just like that time I went kayaking with Johnny Depp. He was really entertained.
* I still can't eat with chopsticks, even after three years of assiduous practise.

* I'm currently full-time into two distinct fandoms: Arashi and Supernatural. I know, they're like total extremes, but in the end, the homoerotic subtext wins.
* I enjoy angsty OTP, such as Sakumoto and Destiel. I enjoy all the painful emotions they bring me, and I enjoy it good.
* My real Arashi OTP would be Sakuraiba though, because hey, flimsy bromance. ♥
* I casually enjoy Sakurai Sho and Jared Padalecki's bodies.
* I have a lot of feelings for a man who tweets pictures of himself naked on a horse (Misha Collins), and a man who puts on a costume full of mirrors so he can blend into stuff (Aiba Masaki). It's like my whole personality explained in a few words.
* I read fanfictions like my life depends on it. (And it maybe does.)
* I've been a fangirl since I'm 11 years old, and I blame it all on Harry Potter. (But it's not like I regret anything.)
* I'm attracted to NC-17 fics like a mosquito to my legs.

So I guess that's about it. It's a whole lot more than you probably need to know, but hell, deal with it.

Questions? Comments? Random hugs? Show me the meaning of being lonely? Is this the feeling I need to walk with?
I want to wish to all my online friends, as well as the ones who added me forever ago and the ones with whom I haven't talked in a while:


I hope 2012 will be a nice year to all of you, filled with amazing life experiences, a lot of fandom accomplishment, and the traditional 'lose weight' new year goal. I won't be around much in the next few days, because I'll try to stay away from all the Kohaku spoilers (which will be HARD but I can do it, as long as I don't even think on glancing at Tumblr), at least until download links are up.

For 2012, my main goal is only to be happy enough that I don't fall in a dark, vicious circle. Hopefully after summer, it's gonna be easier. In April, it'll be my fourth anniversary as an Arashi fangirl. Where has my life gone? No idea, but the brainwash was amazing. ♥ I still love them as much as the first day, but never as much as tomorrow.

Let's make 2012 worth it, you guys. It is, after all, the last year of humanity. We better get that damn naked photobook before we all die. I'm gonna be incredibly disappointed if I don't see any Riida 'after-30' butts before I die. But I'd be satisfied with only hips lines. And of course, nipples. And maybe legs. Aiba's infinite legs, I wanna see them. Maybe a mix of hips, legs and nipples. SHOW ME THE PEENS!! \o/

Once again, a very happy new year to all of you. ♥ I'm gonna eat some fondue with the parents tonight. 8D ♥ But before that, I shall play the Sims, where my Ninomiya family is doing very well. Ohno is old with gray hair, you guys. It's fabulous.

Okay, how much does it cost, and where can I get one?
I don't see any other use for this than cuddle it all day and give it food.

Black ver.
Can't seem to get my FC right now.

Please don't mind me. )


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